One Wing Challenge

One Wing Challenge – DaBomb Beyond Insanity

One Wing…Last Three Minutes…Do you have what it takes?

Challenge: Eat one chicken wing (drumette) coated in DA BOMB Beyond Insanity hot sauce and last for 3 MINUTES.

1. You must COMPLETELY EAT all of the CHICKEN and SAUCE on the wing.

* You can not remove the sauce from the wing.

2. Once you have finished eating the wing, COMPLETELY FINISHED chewing and have swallowed, a 3 MINUTE TIMER WILL START.

3. FOR 3 MINUTES: NO USING napkins/tissues and No GRABBING for napkins/tissues.

– NO DRINKING water or any beverage.

 If you CAN LAST 3 minutes you receive one Rescue beverage (small milk or lime juice), a shot of antacid, and your photo on the WALL OF FAME!